3 Great Ways to Prepare for Warmer Weather

We’re nearly two-thirds of the way through the winter, and it’s time to start thinking about the good old days of summer. However, if you’re from the Northeast and moving down to Florida, you’re in for a rude awakening. Well, if you move there while winter is still in full swing, you might be in for a refreshing awakening.

One of the best things about the sunshine state, aside from the beaches and plethora of water activities, is that it has some of the most temperate winters in the United States. While the New England and Big Sky regions of the country are nearly frozen solid, Sarasota, Tampa, and Bradenton tend to see temperatures in the low to mid-70s. Continue reading to see how you can get yourself acclimated to the weather change you have in store.

1. If you like to be outside in your yard, you’re going to need a space to cool off.

As mentioned in the introduction, Florida has some of the mildest winters you could want to experience. It’s nice to be able to barbecue in your backyard in February without having to hover over the grill to prevent becoming an icicle. However, when the summer comes, the same climate that makes Bradenton a desirable place to be in the winter makes it unbearably hot in the summer. Plus, if the heat doesn’t get you, the humidity just might.

If you’re not used to temperatures in the mid-90s with the humidity also regularly reaching the 90s and spiking the heat index, you’ll need a respite from the sweltering sun and air. The good news is that finding new pool builders in Bradenton FL is like finding snow in Alaska.

That being said, in-ground pools are a large investment, meaning you don’t want to leave your new pool to just anyone. When choosing a pool company to build your new pool, it’s important to ask around and do some investigating into the best pool builders before choosing. Olympus Pools are one of the most trusted pool builders in all of Florida, and their high rate of customer satisfaction is the proof.

Not only can they give you a unique pool design, but they can turn your backyard into a paradise. In addition to your new pool, they can also deck out your yard with an outdoor kitchen and a spa. You’ll never feel the need to go on a retreat when you can simply retreat to your backyard.

2. Change your wardrobe and cosmetic regimen.

If you have a parka, you might as well frame it as an ode to the cold, because you certainly won’t need it in Sarasota or Bradenton. It’s time to trade in your snow boots for sandals, or bare feet, and your parka for a bathing suit. It’s a beach day almost every day on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Ladies, you’re definitely going to want to go light on the makeup during the summer. A dark trail of tears left by your liquid eyeliner heading for the nearest exit from your face is not the look for you. Trade in the mascara for magnetic eyelashes, and exfoliate often, because there’s a good chance that your face won’t get along with your mascara and eyeliner once the mercury starts to climb.

3. Get in shape.

When you move to Florida, one of the first things you’ll notice is that clothes are optional. When you move to Manatee County, one of the first things you should do is start working on getting in shape. The less excess weight you carry around, the easier it will be to acclimate to the change in the climate.

Most of Florida only has two seasons, and those are summer and not summer. The best way to adjust to the weather is to create a comfortable space in your backyard, exchange your wardrobe for lighter and cooler clothing, and get in shape.

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